Friday, November 14, 2008

Men are only as loyal as their options....

Boy was I ticked last night. Thing is not sure I was more ticked at myself or my beau Joker. See I had invited my sister (BP) for Thanksgiving. Of course she backed out with some lame excuse. My family never comes to visit. Why do I try?

So I got a wild hair called Joker and invited myself up to spend Turkey Day with him. We discussed what I should cook and the possibility of going to a concert the night before Turkey Day. I got all excited started printing recipes. Even searched the net for the stuffing he said he once had at Emerils. I have a problem with getting overly excited about things. But this was a big deal for me. I was giving up my usual Turkey Day tradition of being in my home putting up my tree, cooking for me in my jammies, just enjoying the day. All so that I could have Turkey day with him. Besides last weekend he was all ‘I wish you would have come”.

Then I get a text from him……’I forgot that I have the guys from Canada coming that weekend.’ That’s it. No sorry. No oh well come anyway. Heck not even a call. So pissed was I.

I consoled myself with the fact that now I could have my usual turkey day but still. Kinda ticked, so ticked that super Asian supper I was gonna cook for him when he comes to town next week; well whateva!

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