Monday, August 20, 2007

Money in the Mattress

I hate my bank. Now I have to decide if I hate them enough to switch all my accounts to a different bank. I’ve been with this bank for over ten years; the last four have been a major disappointment.

Example one, I have been receiving a settlement check for about three years, once a month same amount. In theory it is a third party check, because the payer writes the check to the county and the county sends the check to me. However the county stamps the check ‘with no recourse’ because they are not responsible for payment. Last week I go to cash said check and the teller says, she can’t cash it, they can’t do that. Um, what?! I get heated; this prompts another teller to come over. Second teller decides it’s ok. Now is it policy not to cash it or is it teller option.

Example two, I receive a large check from an out of state government agency. When I try to deposit it they say it will take FIVE days to clear! Ok, ok fine. I even postponed a bill payment to wait for it to clear. I get and email from the bank saying funds will be available on the 20th. On the 20th I roll up to the bank to withdraw some funds, teller says “the system is currently down can’t do it”. Um, what?!! “You can use the ATM” she says. “No I can’t,” I say, “the amount I need to withdraw is over my daily limit, that’s why I’m here and not at the ATM! When will the system work?” “Oh, she says, we don’t know it’s been down all morning.” Now, I have waited patiently for FIVE days, I WANT MY MONEY! I had to then get loud, and throw around some real dirty looks, but mysteriously I got my money (nevermind the sign posted on the window reading: system down no withdrawals)!

There are numerous other examples I won’t bore you with. Yet it seems it always ends with me getting heated before any financial transactions take place. I don’t not need this kind of stress, seriously. Now I know why people hide money in their mattresses.

Are we dating?

Last winter I joined a social club since I was new to the area. Last Tuesday we had a membership drive at a local tavern. With all the free beer I was feeling pretty darn social. This guy introduces himself and starts chatting me up, let’s call him Sped. I’m still newly single and I am really enjoying the freedom to flirt with any and everyone. Nevertheless, I run into Sped Thursday evening while I’m wanting for some friends at a concert. We chat and exchange numbers and he asked me out for the next night. Great.

Friday we went out and had a really great time. I met his friends and he met some of mine. Saturday I had plans to go and torture my liver; the parts I remember were really fun. Sped called Sunday morning, we talked through my hangover and then met for a movie that afternoon. Oh did I mention he asked me to go out of town for a weekend trip. I, of course luvs me a good trip so I said ok.

Then Monday came. My body became possessed by an alter ego, that just wanted to hide out but couldn’t. I suffered through a painfully long week, work was draining due in part to my sore throat and the fact that I ‘learning’ on the job. Poor Sped took the brunt of my coolness. But really I was avoiding everybody like the plague.

I survived the week, barely. My doctor put me on antibiotics and I prescribed myself a weekend at the lake. Feeling better and Sped still would like to see me tonight. This in theory would be like our third date. Does that mean we’re dating?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Working Nine to Five

Yeah right. It’s more like working 8:05 to 4:25. I’m an over qualified secretary. By choice thank you very much. I got skills and a masters degree to back um up. Thing is I work to live not live to work. Currently I hold a position that allows my to work ten months then kick it during the summer.

Not gonna go into great detail about my j-o-b. People have been fired for going there, and me likes getting paid. But I’ll explain a few thangs that um rub me the wrong way.

Meetings – what a huge freakn waste of time. Some people live for that crap. Agendas, snacks, presentations, and worst of all when they include a get to know you ice breaker, seriously.

Training – or should I say lack thereof. Being a military trained secretary I believe in being prepared and standard operating procedures. For instance newbie secretary(ns) and old secretary(os), os goes to lunch leaving ns to holding the fort. In comes consultant needing forms, ns looks but can’t find them with other forms tells consultant to come back. Os returns, and knows exactly where to get the form in her own files. Ummm, what. Why am I here?

People – People annoy me. Yeah, I said it. Nobody would believe that anyway cuz I know how to turn ‘it’ on. The professional work me is not the real me. How boring would that be? A lot (not all, I’m not that much of a bitch) of the people I work with, I would not associate with if we didn’t work together, they annoy me.

The thing about work is until I hit the lottery it’s a necessary evil. I’ve given up marrying rich that’s harder than an 8 to 5. So work has it’s pet peeves but that’s a good thing. It guarantees that I will not be one of those win the lottery and still work people. Yeah whatever, as soon as I win, peace out! A girl can dream.

In the beginning….

What’s the saying “Everybody’s got a story.” Well something like that. There is no question that I have had some interesting chapters in story. Here I am about to share some of them on the internet. Why? Not really sure. Maybe as therapy. While I can’t believe anyone would read this to begin with. Strange enough, that’s the main attraction to purging here the anonymity, afforded me. Well at least I hope.

Knowing that a family member, friend or anyone within my immediate circle would read this would be a major drag. Not only that, I would carefully choose my words, leave out feelings as so not to misinterpreted.

Awhile back I did try to have an online journal. It was all-good at the time I wrote it. However, later when a boyfriend read about my past he began to question who I was and my present decisions. I ended up trying to defend myself or my past self. I try to live my life without regrets. The key word is try. I won’t apologize for who I am. I’m just making the best choices I can, when I know better I do better.

So for all two you reading this…..enjoy and judge not cuz I’m sensitive about my sheet!