Monday, August 20, 2007

Are we dating?

Last winter I joined a social club since I was new to the area. Last Tuesday we had a membership drive at a local tavern. With all the free beer I was feeling pretty darn social. This guy introduces himself and starts chatting me up, let’s call him Sped. I’m still newly single and I am really enjoying the freedom to flirt with any and everyone. Nevertheless, I run into Sped Thursday evening while I’m wanting for some friends at a concert. We chat and exchange numbers and he asked me out for the next night. Great.

Friday we went out and had a really great time. I met his friends and he met some of mine. Saturday I had plans to go and torture my liver; the parts I remember were really fun. Sped called Sunday morning, we talked through my hangover and then met for a movie that afternoon. Oh did I mention he asked me to go out of town for a weekend trip. I, of course luvs me a good trip so I said ok.

Then Monday came. My body became possessed by an alter ego, that just wanted to hide out but couldn’t. I suffered through a painfully long week, work was draining due in part to my sore throat and the fact that I ‘learning’ on the job. Poor Sped took the brunt of my coolness. But really I was avoiding everybody like the plague.

I survived the week, barely. My doctor put me on antibiotics and I prescribed myself a weekend at the lake. Feeling better and Sped still would like to see me tonight. This in theory would be like our third date. Does that mean we’re dating?

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