Thursday, August 16, 2007

In the beginning….

What’s the saying “Everybody’s got a story.” Well something like that. There is no question that I have had some interesting chapters in story. Here I am about to share some of them on the internet. Why? Not really sure. Maybe as therapy. While I can’t believe anyone would read this to begin with. Strange enough, that’s the main attraction to purging here the anonymity, afforded me. Well at least I hope.

Knowing that a family member, friend or anyone within my immediate circle would read this would be a major drag. Not only that, I would carefully choose my words, leave out feelings as so not to misinterpreted.

Awhile back I did try to have an online journal. It was all-good at the time I wrote it. However, later when a boyfriend read about my past he began to question who I was and my present decisions. I ended up trying to defend myself or my past self. I try to live my life without regrets. The key word is try. I won’t apologize for who I am. I’m just making the best choices I can, when I know better I do better.

So for all two you reading this…..enjoy and judge not cuz I’m sensitive about my sheet!

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