Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bah Humbug

I hate this time of year. Thanksgiving is ok, and probably is one of my favorite holidays right after Halloween. I finally made some plans to hang out with friends on Turkey Day, so I’m happy about that.

But after that, it’s all down hill til January 2. All the forced fun and happiness drives me nuts. All the spending of money and gift giving shenanigans. People running and elbowing each other for Black Friday sales. So silly. Please shoot me if I ever say I am getting up at 5am to go shopping!

I mean seriously, Secret Santa is the stupidest thing ever. Let’s buy each other five dollars worth of dollar store gifts and then act surprised when we find out we gave them to each other. Um, let’s not and say we did. Oh, and please don’t even think of inviting me to a Holiday Party if there is no liquor involved.

As far as New Years Eve, well I tend to get all excited, maybe even overly excited. Only to have my great expectations end in a flop. Like the big hotel party I paid a fortune to go to, too many people, so boring. Or the time I went with an old boyfriend, everything was going good fun night, then at midnight the moment of the big kiss. He is nowhere to be found! Seriously everyone’s cheering and sucking face, I’m standing there like a lost puppy. I was not happy. I’ve come to believe it’s easier to just stay home, alone, and watch Rockn Eve.

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