Thursday, November 13, 2008

The back story...

I’m a single female in my -um -30’s, living in a metro Midwestern town. I have a tendency to try and please others by spinning things. I tell people what they want to hear. The truth just sans a few details. Take that first sentence, I say I’m single but, not really, I’m currently in a long distance relationship. He lives in another state, a drivable distance, but sometimes I feel single. I suck at relationships by the way. Actually I just turned 38, but most people think I look about 33. I do, I have good genes. If I could lose about 30 pounds I would look 30 for sure. Been trying to lose those same 30/40 pounds for 10 years. I'm gonna try and make this a ‘no spin zone’ the key word is try. Hopefully removing the mask here will help me in everyday life. One can hope.

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