Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Is this Hell? No it’s my life.

Things and always be worse. I know, that’s why I always say fine when anyone asks how I’m doing. Well I am currently at a point where it’s hard to say fine. Really hard, without breaking into tears. I am broke, very very broke and in debt. Currently I have three dollars to my name. I can’t sleep at night for worrying I am soon be evicted. My car is making a noise that can’t be good. It probably needs an oil change or oil but yeah no cash for that. My cat is sick, maybe on the verge of dying sick. I’d take him to the vet, but I’m broke. The thought of having to put him down creates a huge lump in my throat.

Never thought I would be in this position.

I heard that God would never give you more than you can bear. Well I’m loaded beyond capacity, surely. Last night I stopped praying to win the lottery and started praying just to not wake up. Actually I gave up prayer a while back, as it has not helped at all.

Where do you turn when all hope is lost?

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