Tuesday, December 9, 2008


If I didn’t have bad luck I’d have no luck at all. Seriously. So I decide to end my pity party and go to a Christmas party. I mean they did say on the news that happiness was contagious….ha! So here is how my Christmas party weekend went down.

Hop in piece of crap car drive 100 miles to said party. Oh but wait, actually it was only 95 miles because 5 miles before I arrive at my destination the car decides to die. (This wouldn’t be so awful except last year going to this same party my car died.) See bad luck. The silver lining was my friend who helped me out of a bind last week came to my rescue yet again. Love him. He took care of everything like superman. Got the necessary parts, got the car hauled, put gas in and fixed (all while still attending the party). So now not only do I owe him my first born but probably my soul also.

Everyone at the party was very sympathetic which was nice, they are good people. But the whole time I had to keep holding back tears. That whole happiness is contagious research they forgot to mention it’s temporary. I was happy being around my happy friends and I am glad things are going well for them. But in the back of my mind all think was ‘then why is my life so crappy’.

I can barely pay my rent, so many bills, and no food in the house. Meanwhile, everyone else is talking about the cruise they just got back from or the trip to Florida or the big family ski trip coming up. I just smiled, drank more, and blinked back tears. I used to go on the group ski trip, now I can’t afford to think about it. How did things get so bad, what did do to deserve this torture?

Oh wait, it gets better. I came home, car ran like a dream. Parked on the street like normal went in and had my last pack of ramen noodles. Next morning, I got a ticket. My own personal black cloud. Merry flippin Christmas.

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