Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Can't find a better girl

As the year comes to an end and I start making a list of New Years resolutions that I probably won’t keep I need to reflect. First off I haven’t been the best girlfriend. In my defense I am still working through some trust issues. However, I’ve come to realize that Joker deserves better. More than a couple times I’ve made him the bad guy to cover for my own insecurity and lack of motivation. The few times he has dropped the ball I didn’t even say anything.

Going into this next year I will be a better girlfriend. Yes we are dating. This became thoroughly clear this past weekend. Joker came town and I had worked myself into a bitchy frenzy, for no real reason. I told Joker all about Texter (the dude my ‘friend’ has been trying to set me up with, who has been texting me non stop). Joker was not happy, it was really cute though how he stood up for us as a couple. He even took me out shopping. Sweet! Sorry Texter you never really had a chance.

In an effort to be a better girlfriend I’m gonna be working hard to turn things around. I need to be more optimistic, loosing weight will wonders for my mental/physical health, and getting my finances in order will lighten my stress. If I take better care of me, I can take better care with our relationship. Geez, I may actually be looking forward to the New Year. New Year New Me, hopefully.

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