Monday, December 29, 2008

A joker and a cat walk into a bar…….

Did I mention that I recently had a ‘moment’ with CC? CC and I went out about5 years ago. When we were together it was good, as CC put it we had chemistry. But then we broke up, sorta. Basically I just decided to leave town and failed to mention it to him. He was not happy the end was not pretty. Being that we have strange magnetic connection we managed to get over being ticked at each other. Quite quickly I might add and for a second I thought we might get back together. But no.

Why? He had a girlfriend that he failed to mention to me. Hmm. He has always said it wasn’t pay back for me hurting him. I let it go so we could be friends. That and I knew him and said ditzy girl would not last. They didn’t and no he is single.

I’m not sure that CC is aware that Joker and I are dating. Heck I wasn’t sure.*

So recently at a gathering of fun loving friends CC started telling me how ‘special’ he thought I was. How he wanted to make a move a while ago but wasn’t sure. I totally remember that and because of Joker I quickly removed myself from the situation. I will always have deep feelings for CC, he saved me and people who do that never leave my radar.

However, if it ever came down to a choice between Joker and CC. Joker would win ever time.

I have a hard time calling Joker my boyfriend or saying that we are dating still. It’s a protective measure. If I never say were dating then there can’t be a break up. If it never starts then there doesn’t have to be and end. And nothing last forever. I’m always waiting to be proven wrong.

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